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In our life, at some point of time we all feel like puppets. Being judged, moved and controlled by someone. Hope you all can relate and enjoy this poem. Thank you.

Hi I am Pinocchio,
the wooden doll.
A hand made puppet
and my master,
well you are all.

Carved from a magic wood,
I can speak.
But when I look out of the window,
I dream to be a real me.

Strings attached to my body,
I do a lot of shows.
Puppet of my masters hand,
I dance in his shows.

Hi I am Pinocchio,
the wooden doll.
With lots of strings,
and no life at all.

I want to walk on the streets,
to feel free.
But everytime I try to,
A string holds me.

No life,
no feelings at all.
If sold,
I accept the bidders call.

I am a joker for few,
and for others,
just a wooden doll.
You pull the strings,
and I will dance on your call.

Hi I am Pinocchio,
the wooden doll.
I dream to be real,
but the strings hold me
so I could not go on…

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A new born child is heaven for the parents. It brings happiness and all sorts of joys. And it’s even bigger when the father knows his princess has arrived. This poem is from a father to her daughter. Who sees her for the first time. I haven’t experienced this joy yet, but I guess in future I will. I hope you all like this poem. Thank you.

So small, yet so delicate
At first you made me afraid.
But the second,
I looked into your eyes,
I found heaven by my side.

I was afraid to hold you,
but wanted to see you smile.
You are so beautiful,
you made me cry.

And with your beautiful eyes
you looked right into my life.
I realized, you’re the one,
the only one who can make me
feel alive.

And in my arms you fell asleep,
you are dear to my eyes.
You are so small,
Yet so full of life.
You are the beauty,
which can make even a stone cry.

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Our lives are full of disappointments, and the main reason behind these disappointments are expectations. We expect too much from everything and everyone, in the end getting hurt and disappointed, but even tho we know this fact, we still expect, we do not stop expecting. This poem is about those expectations. I hope you all enjoy this. Thank you.

Been here for a while,
high up in the sky.
On the pile
of expectations.

Down we fall,
as one by one,
they come to
be destroyed.

We think for running,
but every time we try,
a new pile is made
for us to climb.

The cause of all misery,
the pain we feel.
The happiness we strive,
are all ‘coz of these,

And down we fall,
as one by one
they start to fall.
Every hope
and every door
starts to close.

Then again
it all becomes same.
Forgotten miseries,
to build up a new pile of

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Our lives are divided into different colors. For every mood, for every situation. From birth to death, everything can be compared to colors. This poem tells us the different colors of a person’s life. I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you!

I walked the streets,
but alone.

You asked my name,
I Knew you are
the one to take me away.

I thought everything
was just alright.
We lived a happy life.

I walked towards you,
with this pale hand of sorrow
I wished never knew
what i didn’t know.

I painted my name,
from the colour
of my vein.

My life turned pale.
It flashed back,
with all the memories
happy and pale.

I looked through,
and into nothingness.
I went away from you.

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We are always haunted by our past. Sometimes it’s so much that we forget the happiness around and take instant decisions. This poem tells us about the bad memories we have, and how they haunt us every time. Hope you all like it. Thank you!

Suppressed in the deep
they come back together
Haunt in your world
these memories talk together.

Trying to push up
it brings you down
with these memories
darkness surrounds

Breaking the chains
trying to be free
in the end, stuck
in those memories

In your eyes
it grows deeper
you try to run
but it always creeps ‘ya

And with these memories
you try to hold on
sickened by the thoughts
you jump to the ground…

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When I was a child

Childhood, is a time when we all enjoyed. That time, is full of memories and happiness. No pressure. At some points of time we all want to go back to that stage. I also want to. This poem is about my secret desire, which is shared by many of us, to back to those time when our mother’s kiss was everything to us, and our toys the most priced possessions. I hope everyone enjoys this poem. Thank You!

When I was a child,
I had many planes,
a collection of swords,
and my country,
my men.

When I was a child,
I used to travel
far away lands,
on the far away shores.
To the east-
and on to the west.

When I was a child,
my mothers kiss,
healed my pain.
And my land,
it was full of
candy cane.

Now, I have grown
I look back.
To the memories
The planes have crashed,
the cars broken.

When I was a child,
I dreamt to grow.
And now I have grown,
I dream to go back.

When I was a child,

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The sunset and life

There is always a relationship between The fading life and light. Some people agree with the fact that sunset is a pessimistic approach. I’m just comparing the sunset with a man falling down from the sky. Hope you guys enjoy!

Standing at the Edge.

The sun, sets....

The sun.
All the past.
And suddenly…

A Slip.
Into the Ocean.
Falling down.
Calm waters.
Flashing by.
So dim, so bright.
We both dissolve.
The half, into sky.
The other, into night.